First Ride - 2016 | Yamaha FZ-07 (MT-07)

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I rode this bike a year ago to do my very first "First Ride" video on my YouTube channel. I remember the bike being a fun and comfortable bike that checked a ton of boxes that I knew a ton of riders would want. Now, over a year later I took it out for another spin. I've been told that not much has changed with the FZ-07 in this time, but for some reason I feel like this bike fit me and my riding style perfectly! It was wheelieing all over the place (a couple times a little too much), the handling was agile like a supermoto and the engine had a beautiful transition from smooth start to torque mid range. The major negative I could find with this bike was the wind at highway speeds ( >75 mph). Granted this could easily be fixed with an aftermarket wind screen. This bike actually surprised me so much with it's engine that it found me re-considering the placement of the FZ-09 on my want list. Aesthetics play a large role in my bike choices and looks wise I feel the FZ-07's symmetry really pushes it farther ahead in the looks department over the FZ-09. All in all I found this bike to be amazing for beginners while still having the available features more experienced riders would want and just being a great all around bike. There is no wonder why this bike is doing so well with today's riders. This bike easily has a spot on my "Top Picks" list! 

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