First Ride - 2012 BMW S1000RR

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This is that weird moment where I have to make some notes on a bike that felt like it literally took the best parts of all the other supersports that I have ridden and put them into on machine. I'm not 100% sure how BMW came out with such a monster of a bike on their first try at a supersport. Regardless, this bike really is the one that has everything. It's packed full of electronic rider aids if you're into that, it is stupidly fast and agile and somehow remains comfortable while doing that. It is worth noting that the seating position on this bike is pretty far towards the race'y side which is why you see a score of 7 to the left. I also dropped the throttle response score to a 7. The reason for that is that there is an overwhelming felling of "riding through a computer". I didn't mind that feeling too much, but I imagine there are a good bit of riders that wouldn't prefer that feeling. Other than small gripes like the few listed I really think this is one of if not the most polished supersports on the market right now! If you have the opportunity I definitely recommend taking one for a test ride. 

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