First Ride - YummiR6's 2008 Yamaha R6

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The YouTube motovlogger and great friend of mine YummiR6 lent me his 2008 Yamaha R6 "aka Nessy" to do a C2W First Ride on. You can check Yummi's Channel out here and see many more videos of him riding this bike around there. Being on another R6 for a first ride was very interesting. While some things felt similar like something I'm used to there were a good bit of differences about the bikes. Most notably I could really tell a difference of a bike that a custom tuned map to go with his M4 headers and akrapovic megaphone exhaust. These mods really gave the R6 some bite down low where I'm used to my 2009 R6 bogging down tell you get it revved up in the RPMs. I was also surprised at how sluggish the bike felt moving side to side, but I feel that had much more to do with the old tires that are currently on the bike. Replacing them with some new ones would definitely fix the issue. Final highlight of the bike was the breaks or lack there off. To be fair, before heading out Yummi did warn me that the bike was in major need of some new brakes and now I can say I really do know what it feels like to ride a bike with bad breaks. In ending, I do also have to give the "Loudest Bike I've Ridden" award to this bike! Congrats Yummi!

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