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First Ride - 2015 | GSX-R 750

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If you are currently on a 600 and can't decide if you really need to upgrade to a 1000 yet then Suzuki has you handled in the 2015 GSX-R 750. The main difference between this bike and a 600 comes across in two areas. The first is the long first gear, this is where the majority of the bike's power seemed to be. The other place you feel the 750 engine is when cruising down the highway. You are able to maintain a much lower RPM while going 70 mph which makes things like long rides or commuting much more enjoyable. I was also really surprised with what I called the "nimbility" of the bike. I was able to flick this bike back and forth on the road even better than I do on my Yamaha R6! All around this was an amazing bike and if you get the opportunity to ride it I highly recommend it. 

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