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First Ride - 2016 Yamaha XSR 900

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I have to say lately I have had my eye on some cafe racers and then Yamaha drops this XSR 900. This thing has just the right mix of retro style with new age technology. It's powered by the same FZ-09 engine that everyone has adored with a little different tune. After spending a little time on the XSR 900 I can say this bike is super comfortable and has a massive amount of power. I personally think the bike has a little too much power. While the bike does include 3 different modes (A, B and Standard) I feel the engine didn't match the bike perfectly. I feel riders that pick this bike up will find themselves in Standard mode for the majority of their riding. I was super excited to finally see a larger naked style bike come out with ABS and Traction Control under the $10,000 price tag though. Having those features in an affordable package makes it much easier for riders to get these features that they would typically have to spend much more on a bike. Overall the XSR 900 was a great bike, with the included modes I can overlook the "too much power" argument for this style of bike and could easily see myself spending an entire day riding this bike. What do you guys think about the bike? Let me know in the comments below! For much more info on my thoughts of this bike make sure to scroll down and check out my YouTube video over on the Chaseontwowheels channel!

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