First Ride - 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10r

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I have to start this blog post with one simple statement. The 2016 ZX-10r is one of, if not the most, easy to ride motorcycle in the liter bike category. The throttle on this bike seems as if it is easily set up to deliver the power that this bike possesses in a very controllable way. At first it did seem as if the bike's power band was just high in the rev range, but after spending some time on it I came to realize that it was probably built that way to make the bike easier to ride from a stop. With such a short time to ride and get a feel for this bike I didn't get to really dive into all of the different controls that this bike has equipped. When researching this bike I was blown away at the shear amount of tech Kawasaki somehow crammed into this two wheeled machine. If you haven't looking into it yet I highly recommend jumping over to Kawasaki's website (here) and reading up on this bike. To sum this bike up it's a little on the heavy side, but maneuvers amazingly once you get going. It is extremely comfortable and an absolute joy to ride. This is one of those bikes that I would like to have for a month or so to get a real feel for everything this bike has to offer!

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