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First Ride - 2016 | GSX-S 1000

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After my First Ride on Suzuki's GSX-S 750 I was a little worried about the 1000. I can happily say that the GSX-S 1000 was the bike the 750 was trying really hard to be. This bike felt like a much better package and is overall probably my favorite of the super naked bikes (putting aside my love for the Yamaha FZ-09). The major upsides with this bike are the seating position, amazing engine and fantastic exhaust note (even with a stock exhaust). There were a few let downs which included the weight of the bike while standing still and the agility. Both leaving a ton to be desired on this bike. Overall though I see this bike as being a perfect 1 size fits all bike though I'm not 100% how great it would be at the track.

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