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First Ride - 2016 Triumph Speed Triple R

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Here we have the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple R and this time it came straight from the manufacturer! Triumph America actually loaned me this bike so I could make some content on it so of course I rocked out a first ride. Highlights of this bike have to be the comfortable body position and the instant usable torque. I took this thing through the 2 hour trip to the mountains, road all day long and after the 2 more hours of highway home I was still wanting more. I can't explain how much fun I had out riding and the playful nature of the bike actually made me want to ride more. As far as visuals go I'm not a huge fan of the headlights, but I do absolutely love the color combo of the model I was given (you guys know I'm a sucker for red). While the double exhausts weren't my favorite Triumph did tell me that this bike is able to come with a low mounted short exhaust. My main issue (if you want to call it that) with this bike was it seemed a little heavy when not moving and overall seems kind of big. Other then those small things along with the slightly higher price this bike was an absolute dream to ride. I highly recommend you jumping at an opportunity to check one out if you can!

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