First Ride - 2016 | Kawasaki Z800 ABS

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I'll be the first one to admit that before I sat on this bike I had some pretty "meh" preconceived notions. Now, after having done my first ride I can say with confidence this bike blew those thoughts out the window. With a super comfortable riding position, amazing power and a really cool look I'm happy with this bike. The throttle response can be a little twitchy though, so new riders need to be very careful with this one as I could easily see it "getting away from ya". The only other thing I really felt down about was the top end. I know bikes like this aren't made to have too much top end power, but it did feel a bit under-powered while on the highway. As fun as this bike is, the ride to the fun roads might get a little boring. All in all I would highly recommend this bike to a rider that spends most of their time on two wheels in city areas or hitting some fun roads just steer clear of those pesky highways!

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