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Ride Apparel Co.

Ride Apparel Co. is the brain child of a good friend and I (like a really good friend, the dude was the best man at my wedding). With both of us being motorcycle riders, we noticed that there only seemed to be two types of clothing for riders. You could wear overly negative clothing that typically tipped a middle finger to the police or you could wear a typical branded motorcycle manufacturer stuff. We saw a lack of options that really spoke to guys like us that just love riding and love the positive feelings we associated with our passion. Because of this Ride Apparel Co was born. 

In running the Chaseontwowheels YouTube channel, I do my best to spread as much positive vibes I can in my videos, but I am mearly one man. Ride Apparel Co is my way of uniting the positive riders in our community under one name and showing the world that my brothers and I on two wheels aren't the hard ass, run from the cop hooligans that they currently associate us with. Were breaking the mold one positive rider at a time! 

If while reading that you said to yourself, "Dang that sounds just like me" then I'd recommend you clicking the button below and checking out Ride Apparel Co and joining me spread some much needed positivity into your local riding community!

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