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What is Chaseontwowheels?

ChaseOnTwoWheels is a YouTube channel that follows the life of yours truly! Apart from being a “motovlogging channel”, it’s served as a timeline of my life, my journey as a rider, an outlet for creative ideas, a place to connect with others and a list of several other things. 

Since I began in 2010, riding has changed my life, and I cannot help but share my experiences with others, both good and bad. It is my goal with the C2W YouTube channel to show the real life of a rider in hopes to grow the motorcycle community both online and in the real world. 

ChaseOnTwoWheels is by no means extraordinary; it’s very ordinary in that you yourself can be a part of it or start something like it that’s entirely your own. Since its inception, C2W has been a “dude with a camera” and it will always be that at its very core. My aspirations have always had elements of impracticality; the journey to this point has just allowed certain ones to become reality and has sparked off a host of new ones.

My top 4 favorite playlists on the channel!

First Rides

Riding brand new bikes for the first time and letting you guys know what I think about them! HD photos and audio clips in the blog post.

Wrecked Bike Rebuild

Wrecked and salvaged motorcycle? Sweet! Let's build it into something custom and functioning again....then give it away!

First Fit

We all know those first few rides with new gear is make or break. Well, Chase does that for you and lets you know how the gear held up!

Adventure Series with Chase and Yummi

We all have that friend that when we ride, you end up doing stupid stuff. For Chase that friend is Yummi...just watch the series and you'll see.

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