My favorite Riding Gear

All the items here are my absolute MUST HAVES when I got ride. I swear on all of them and trust me I've used enough products to know what's good!

Winter Gear ad-ons!

You all season riders know very well why I have these listed. Heated gear makes the winter riding months much more enjoyable!

Helmet Camera Gear

If you're going to talk to yourself while you ride you might as well record it. This setup gives great video quality with awesome audio!

Wanna see more of my gear that I use? From editing videos to the cameras I use to shoot my First Ride series. More can be seem below! 

Everything you see above I personally use on my videos and riding. I can stand behind all of them and highly recommend them if you want to upgrade your riding or filming game! 

*clicking on the images will take you to a location where you can buy these items.